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The golf simulators for home provides users with a complete indoor golf simulation system, which is not affected by the environmental climate and realizes the user’s desire to experience golf. The golf simulator has shallow requirements on location and weather and can simulate the natural golf course environment and hitting fun indoors. It can see your swing, you can choose different sizes to practice cutting, and suggest your strength according to the actual venue, long-term practice will definitely improve your level.

The golf simulator uses computer graphics and image processing technology to load standard golf course data into system static memory. When the system is running, the computer will automatically input the golf course data into the dynamic memory inside the system, and realistically project the golf course landscape onto the impact-resistant screen in front of the player through a large-screen projector to detect the club head of the golfer’s swing. The parameters and the flight parameters of the ball after hitting the ball are used to calculate the flight trajectory of the ball through the ballistic model and implant it in the 3D scene screen. The golf simulator makes golfers feel like they are on the golf course. The home golf simulator is an indoor golf sport that simulates outdoor golf.

A complete golf simulator for home consists of:

1. The software part (court data, course data, sports data analysis in the system, etc.);
2. Data sensor (detecting swing data and ball flight data);
3. A computing device (data storage, data operation, data analysis, output data, etc.);
4. Display part (single-screen, multi-screen, widescreen, ring screen, etc.)
5. Simulation lawn;
6. Anti-collision network;
7. Swing platform;
8. Other accessories;

Data reference: indoor golf

The first stage——Infrared Sensor Golf Simulator: Infrared probe technology originated in the 1990s, using an infrared tripod or flat panel placed on the side of the hitting area to detect the speed and direction of the ball.
Disadvantages are low accuracy, and not suitable for golfers who are looking to improve their golf skills.

The second stage——a radar sensor golf simulator: a civilian product of military high-speed flying object detection technology, mainly used to detect club head data during the swing.
The disadvantage is: that there is intense electromagnetic wave radiation, and the measurement of the putter is inaccurate. Measuring different distances requires frequent placement of the ball in different positions.

The third stage——high-speed camera technology, which flies objects through high-speed cameras to shoot objects flying. This type of product is more perfect than the previous technology in detecting fast swings or slow putts and has become an inevitable trend in developing golf simulators for homes.

The fourth stage——3D ultra-high-speed camera real shooting technology that emerged after 2008, civilian products of military electronic eye high-speed cameras. Shoot the golf club’s shot dynamics and the golf ball’s flight attitude in the air at thousands of shutter speeds per second. The real-shot technology 100% restores the authenticity of the shot, and the putt, swing and chip are very accurate.

How to choose a golf simulator
How to choose a golf simulator

Selection of common simulators

Step 1: First find out what brands of golf simulators are available, then check the relevant reviews on third-party websites and finally select the brand.

Step 2: After selecting the emulator brand, select the product model on other platforms to view product reviews and ask questions.

Step 3: You can decide which golf simulator to buy based on your budget, venue requirements, learning courses, portability, etc.

Potential Problems with Picking a Golf Simulator

1. The third-party website data is not exhaustive:

Too many third-party websites do not have detailed data support, and only give a certain historical introduction to the brand, as well as the development process of the brand, etc., and there is not enough real and effective data.

2. The evaluation of the third party website is one-sided:

The evaluation of third-party websites is one-sided to a certain extent and only starts with appearance, product manual, product selling point and price.

3. Buyers are unfamiliar with the key parameters of the simulator

Some buyers only consider the beautiful appearance and some innocuous details in the selection of simulators, and cannot determine the real performance factors that affect the golf simulators as the basis for their selection of the simulator.

The importance of best golf simulators for home selection:


the sensor determines the authenticity of the data
the software system determines the course data
the projector determines the image quality
the venue requirements
Internet link
golf tutorial
exterior design
after-sales service
software system update

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Written at the end:

1. The first factor in choosing a golf simulator is to look at your own needs
As a gamer and entertainment player, it is just right to choose an infrared sensor; the price is not high;
At the same time, considering that you can play outdoors, choose radar sensors; easy to carry;
Professional players who want to improve their golf skills can choose 3D ultra-high-speed cameras;
2. Indoor golf must consider the size of the space, mainly the height of the space. For some ultra-high-speed cameras, the height of the room shall not be lower than 3.5 meters;
3. Golf courses must be more;
4. Finally, refer to the price and select the appropriate price.